Dubai: Should you buy, rent or hail a car?

According to stats provided by the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai has 540 cars per 1,000 people. It is the highest in the region and one of the highest in the world.

Whether you’ve recently landed in Dubai, or are long time resident feeling the pain of rising costs, we compare the advantages of owning a car, renting or using car services like RTA taxis, Uber or Careem.

Many people believe that owning, rather than renting, gives a sense of security that appeals to the our psyche, and this is as true of cars. But is it financially smarter to own a car in the UAE?

These results were determined by assuming daily commutes come down to an average of two 30 km trips a day, 6 days a week, so hitting an average of 20,000 kms a year with half of them crossing a Salik gate.

Option 1: Buying a car

Most commonly driven UAE car is the Toyota Corolla. We will use the Corolla 2018 as the example for this case:

Total cost: Dh70,900

20 per cent down payment: Dh14,180

Monthly payment: Approximately Dh980 for a 5 year payback plan

Extra car costs:

Dh3,000 to Dh4,000 for comprehensive insurance

Dh1,000 in registration related costs such as the annual inspection fees

Dh1,000 for cleaning, service, and maintenance costs

Dh4,000 to Dh5,000 in Salik and fuel costs assuming the current per liter

Make sure you add parking costs, if this is something you have to do.

Total yearly cost: Dh20,800 (excluding the downpayment)

Benefits of buying a car

1. Paying less over the long term. Monthly rent payments are generally more expensive than monthly car loan payments. But then once you are done with the payments, you are officially driving a car for years after your pay for it. The longer you drive it, the less it costs.

2. You have the option to sell it. As a car owner, if you are ever stuck financially and you need to trade it in or sell it, you can do so at any time.

3. No restrictions on appearance. If you want to use a car without having to keep it in perfect condition, then it is better to buy. When you rent a car everything has to be maintained perfectly, or else you are charged for damage.

4. Discount the depreciation if you buy a used car. Depending on the vehicle, 20% to 40% of its depreciation can occur within the first few years. So when you buy a 2- to 3-year-old-vehicle, you get the advantage of paying a price that reflects a substantial depreciation discount.

Option 2: Renting a car

Renting a car has less complicated costs primarily because registration, service and maintenance costs are taken care of. We used a basic economy sedan for this case.

Monthly payment: Dh2,000-Dh3,000 due to seasonal peaks and slumps and most agencies provide discounts on longer term commitments

Extra costs: Dh4,000-5,000 in Salik and fuel costs which are similar to that of owning a car.

Make sure you add parking costs, if this is something you have to do.

Total yearly cost: Dh40,500

Benefits of renting a car

1. No Depreciation Losses. A big advantage of using a rental car compared to owning one’s own car is there are no depreciation losses when renting a car.

2. No Extra Insurance is Required. If the person renting a vehicle already has auto insurance, most policies will extend an equivalent coverage to the rental car without any additional fees.

3. No Commitment. Anytime you want to leave the country, travel for the summer, or notice that you have a month where you don’t need to commute, you can easily save Dh2,000 to Dh3,000 by just stopping the rental

4. Change your car model. If you can afford to switch it up every month, you can try out different car models. That way you will never get bored with what you drive.

Option 3: Hailing a car

You own no car and you want to get around the city. Chauffeured rides are the simplest in terms of cost calculations and risk factors such as fines or accidents.

Let’s assume you hail a cab or order a car for Dh40 to Dh50 one way, which makes your return trip approximately Dh100 a day, five days a week.

Monthly Payment: Dh2,500

Extra car costs: Dh0

Benefits of hailing a car

1. Being chaufered around. A big perk is being chauffeured around without the headache of driving yourself. and there is certainly some economic value in clearing those extra emails or expanding your horizons in the latest book you grabbed. You also never have to pay for parking or deal with service or parts being repaired.

Total yearly cost: Dh24,000

What is the best course of action?

Over the course of the year, it would seem owning a car is the right financial choice. However, for the economics to play out well, it’s important to keep these key cost drivers in mind:

It is recommended to buy used car as a new car has a much steeper depreciation in the first year, which is the largest cost associated with owning a car

The car must be in good condition to avoid unanticipated repairs which could turn out to be costly

The timeframe needs to be close to a year or more. Should you only need a car for a few months, owning becomes costlier.

Tip: The two critical cost advantages of owning a car: it needs to be a used car, so that the big initial depreciation can be avoided, and it needs to be in good condition.

Try Out Cheapest 4×4 Cars Rental in Dubai

Car rental services play a significant role in an individual’s life today. One may like to stay away from the hassles of owning a car, but aspire to enjoy the comfort, convenience and luxury that a car provides. The best car rental service provider can fulfill their requirements.

Reasons to opt for cheapest car rental services

  • Convenience:  It is very easy to book cars through the best car rental services as it can be done through the service provider’s website or through a phone call and the car will reach at your doorstep to pick you up and drop at the destination location.
  • Comfort:  If you opt for Cheapest 4×4 Cars Rental in Dubai you can enjoy a comfortable journey because you do not have to share space with anyone else as in public transport. It gives you more privacy.
  • Availability:  Cheapest 4×4 Cars Rental in Dubai are available 24*7 no matter what time of the day or night. You can find a car rental office easily when you reach the airport. Besides, there some cheap car rental services available outside the airport. This way you can avoid taxis which demand exorbitant rates and buses which are time consuming and not so comfortable.
  • Price:  The price for rented cars is competitive as there are several car rental companies present in the market.  Due to competition, the car rental companies offer good deals.
  • Affordability:  Availing a car rental service is much cheaper than owning a car as you will not have to pay for parking, insurance, maintenance etc. If you live in an urban area and you do not need a car on a daily basis then Cheapest 4×4 Cars Rental in Dubai is the best option. It would be an intelligent decision to go for car rentals for occasional trips.
  • Well-trained drivers:  If you opt for a chauffeur driven car, the advantage is that they are experienced and well trained.  They are well-versed with traffic rules and regulations and are aware of the routes.
  • Punctuality:  The best car rental services makes sure they reach on time to pick you up and take you to the specified location on time as well. So there is hardly any chance of missing a flight or getting late for an event.
  • Saves money:  When you are on a trip, you can book a hotel which is located in the outskirts of the city at a reduced price. You can hire a car to cover this extra distance and reach the hotel.  The money which you save from hotel booking compensates the car rental price.
  • Move Freely:  When you are on a holiday, you would never like to worry about availability of taxis, taxi fares, and keeping a track of their schedules.  This is the reason you should opt for a rented car which is easy and quick.

Before You Opt For Short Term Car Rental Dubai

So, you want to travel while oozing style and elegance all over the place eh? A luxury vehicle will take care of this desire because these cars have the best equipment and machinery, both under the bonnet and on the dashboard. Nothing can beat the level of comfort and satisfaction that comes from getting a chance to ride a deluxe four-wheeler. Every person you know will see you on the road in the vehicle and will shower admiration on you. Just as owning such a car is impossible for everyone, it is equally easy to rent one and at reasonable expenses.

Match your character

Luxury vehicles are frequenting the market by the dozen at every moment, and you will not run out of choices. However, if you want your style to speak for itself, you must rent a vehicle that matches your personality. Even if you are planning a short-term car rental Dubai, consider the purpose it will serve. If you are hiring a car to see the look of surprise on the face of your date, go for a sports car like a Lamborghini. If it is for a road trip with your best buddies, an SUV will accommodate your entire group and if it is for business, try a sedan from Mercedes, Audi or Honda.

Carry out a research

Just as the market is brim-full of luxurious vehicles, similarly multiple rental organizations are offering hiring facilities. You cannot settle for an organization without knowing more about the company, for which you must conduct thorough research before you go for a short-term car rental Dubai service. Firstly, you must determine the type of four-wheeler you need. If it’s a family outing, you might want an SUV which is large enough to pick up groups comprising of several members. If you’re going on a long drive with your love, choose a relatively small but superfluous car.

Mind your pockets

Now, as you are energetic and willful about renting a classy car, you must also be ready to spend substantial amounts to fulfill your wish. The rental services on the land of the Bedouins are noticeably friendly to your pockets and will not leave you flushed out. The public transport system in Dubai is way too expensive, and you will find that hiring a luxury car is much better. The mileage is unlimited, and you get a full-time chauffeur to drive you around if you need one. Besides, you are going to hire the vehicle and not buy it. It is unnecessary to worry about the expenditures.

Bravura hangout

It is time to charge up your adrenal glands and make that hormone flow through each and every vein in your body. An excellence driven car Rental Company will fulfill your dreams while saving over-expenditure on your budget. Sitting behind the steering wheel of a sporty or an elegant vehicle will boost your status symbol to incredible heights, and that is a necessity in today’s world. The points given above will help you determine a suitable vehicle rental organization and make your ride a smooth and exciting one.

Enjoy Thrill Of Driving With Exotic Sports Car Rental Dubai

Even though you are ready to burn your cash through with Exotic Sports Car Rental Dubai, getting on with the basic facts is important. Of the many reasons for which this hiring option seems to be right is the pleasant weather. You can drive through some of the best roads and simply enjoy the thrill without fearing the awful skid which is common when it starts raining. Furthermore, there are some great destinations to which you can head with a jaunty mood. All that is left to be done is to pack your bags and you are ready to move. With the company of old friends, the trip becomes more exciting.

Making it work

The sophistication and the smooth driving experience that you can get with sports car will keep your energy going even when you drive more miles than usual. Taking a break during the weekend and moving into the uncanny destinations that you have never visited before and are not too far away from the city is a great idea. However, such options can work only when you consider Exotic Sports Car Rental Dubai and driving becomes your passion. When you are in a mood to lift the speed of the vehicle, you can speed away without the rest of the passengers realizing it as the ride is smooth. For red carpet and corporate functions, hiring a sports car is an ideal option.

Travel in style

Regardless of the occasion for which you need to hire this vehicle, entering the destination with extravagance and style is possible only when you hire a sports car. Whether it is the breathtaking speed or the thrill, you have to move away from the standard vehicles and focus on hiring speedy sports vehicles to enjoy the fun. There are numerous rental service agencies for sports vehicles. You have to hire from a reputed agency to avoid trouble.

Ways In Which You May Consider Cheap Car Rental Dubai

Finding good deals on car rentals is a different experience when compared with the methods of getting budget deals on airfare. Often you may not understand the factors that are underneath the pricing structure. People also ignore scrutinizing the process of car rental in a similar way as they do for flights. It is a difference in perception or even the standard of services that can lead to altered rates so you have got to be careful before picking the service. If you are under the misconception that there are no varying rates when it comes to car rental, you will make a major mistake. Rates are likely to vary depending on the time of the year and the purpose for which you need the vehicle.

Do homework and book early

The twin aspects make a difference when you consider Cheap Car Rental Dubai and keen to get the best deal. Unless you need a vehicle due to reasons beyond your control or forced to take the decision during an emergency need, you must plan the booking early. There is nothing to deny that you will get cheaper rates when you book vehicles early as owners of rental services understand when people are pressed for time and charge double than it is during normal schedule. On the other hand, you must not forget the significance of research as it helps you find one service provider out of the blue that offers fantastic deals.

Restriction of distance

Some of the service providers are strict about care rental terms. Try to watch for Cheap Car Rental Dubai that does not impose any restriction on traveling in the outskirts. You need to know what you are paying for and make sure that the money invested is fully utilized when it comes to experiencing comfort and convenience. If you want to reduce the amount of rental that you pay for car hire enhancing the search option will yield good results.

Top Vehicles You Can Hire On A Weekly Basis In Dubai

Wondering which luxury car to hire when you visit Dubai? You must know the air of elegance that blows the sands all over the city yet makes it one of the wealthiest cities in the world. When you cruise the streets here, you need luxury, and one of the car rental services that are most experienced in this department of the business is at your service. Here is a list of vehicles that you can rent and have the full Dubai sultanate experience,


  • The Dodge Charger V8 HEMI: Say hello, to this full-sized four-door sedan of the muscle car variety which is a subsidiary of the well-known brand Fiat. Rent this beauty on weekly car hire in Dubai contract and at an excellent leasing charge. With a four-wheel drive system and a powerful engine, this car will burn both the asphalt and an onlooker’s heart.
  • The BMW 535: There is no vehicle out there that can beat the BMW at luxury and you can rent it in Dubai at a low price on a day-to-day basis. With a powerful engine and elegant looks, the BMW 535 has a reliable motor which will take you to any corner of the city within minutes.

Sports cars

  • The Lamborghini Aventador: The company name itself is enough to send electric pulses down a vehicle enthusiast’s spine. The Lamborghini Aventador means a fighting bull which has an incredible engine power. The weekly car hire in Dubai policies allows you to rent this car which most people dream of with eyes open or shut.
  • The Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1: Another supercharged sports coupe that rules the asphalt and effortlessly challenges any other car of the same class. You press the accelerator for just 3.5 seconds and the car rockets to from 0 to 60. Be careful while driving as you surely want to avoid mishaps.


  • The GMC Yukon Denali: The manufacturing company GMC is famous for its trucks and SUVs. With a good engine and lots of space, this vehicle is perfect for a family. Take your kids on an adventurous ride into the sunset. This vehicle is suitable for off-road driving with a lot of room for your leg.
  • The GMC Savana: Another GMC vehicle that is a passenger carrier and can transport multiple people. Swing-out passenger doors, tinted windshield, swing-out window glasses and assisted steps make it perfect for passengers of every age. Go out and explore Dubai in this vehicle if you have a large group.

More for you

Do you think the choices are all over? If you think so then you are wrong, for the options of vehicles from one of the renowned car hiring services in Dubai are not limited to the ones mentioned above. You’ll have more laid out before you once you reach the city and visit the offices. Riding around in luxurious vehicles has never been easier than it is now. Just fill in some essential details, provide a copy of your license, make the necessary payments and roll over the roads of Dubai in style. The kings in the business can afford to offer you low prices so that your heartfelt wish is to be a part of this company every time you visit.

Check Out The Top Car Rentals In Dubai For Tourists

If you are visiting in Dubai with your family to spend a holiday then you should plan ahead the transportation. Many hotels might not offer car services to and from the airport. In that case, the best way to help you in that situation is to rent a car. Hire the Cheapest 4×4 Cars Rental in Dubai from the best service provider.

Take into the services of the best

To enjoy an exotic journey to the fullest you need the services of the best transportation service provider. The first thing is to look up for the journey with a great car and plan you are itinerary accordingly. Let’s look at the top benefits of hiring a car service:

  • Budget-friendly: It is not a wise decision to travel on public transportation when you do not know the map route of a place. Obviously, it is ridiculous to buy a car just to visit a few places. Therefore the most rational and sensible option is to avail the Cheapest 4×4 Cars Rental in Dubai for the days you stay in Dubai.
  • Convenience: The most convenient and easy way to travel is renting a nice affordable car for your journey. Hence, if you need to reach the airport at a particular time pre-book your car and catch the flight without any delay.
  • Flexible hours: There are other opportunities to travel like train and bus but they run according to their schedule, therefore the best way to visit places is to hire a car. Be it in the midnight or early morning, you can hire as per your schedule.

Final note

Rest assured you are in good hands in a foreign country. The best car rentals always focus on the necessity of their clients. have no trouble when you book a car from the leading trustworthy service provider and make your journey a good one.

My Best Experience In Dubai!

Hi there everyone. My name is James and I am from UK. I came to Dubai a few months ago, on a college tour. Actually, we were a few students and we had to talk to a Dubai company and study them. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to visit Dubai and experience malls, the beautiful places. I am quite happy that I was in Dubai. We had a 7-day tour where we had to visit the company for 5 days. We thought that we will only get 2 days off and it won’t be enough to enjoy the whole of Dubai. But then we realized that we had to be in the company for only 4 hours daily. Rest of the time was ours. But we did not know what to do.

As we were new to Dubai, we did not have much of an idea of what to do. We thought about renting a car and exploring the city on our own. That is when we found the number of I immediately called them and told them that we would need two economy rental cars for Dubai. The people were very polite and hospitable. They asked me my requirements, number of passengers etc. and told me that my car would be delivered right at my hotel room.

Me and my friends were very excited. But we thought that we would do it in even more style so we requested them to drop the car at the Dubai company’s office. It was fun driving that beautiful Lamborghini. My friends went for an Audi. Everybody loved the car and we were just giving them free rides. It was so much fun. We were a group of 10 students. We all ordered 4 cars from and then all of us went together to explore Dubai.

I am telling you this thing, there is nothing better than Dubai in the world and our trip was made even better with car rentals. The cars were beautiful, powerful, and very clean. I am planning to come here with my friends again and I am going to call to rent cars again. So much fun!

How To Rent Economy Cars In Dubai And Drive In Style

Renting a car online may seem to be a very simple process but one should keep in mind certain factors while reserving a rental car. Here is a list of certain factors that should be considered before finalizing a deal, so that it proves to be economic.

Factors to be considered

  • Compare price: Often people have a tendency to stick to a particular website which is reputed and widely used but the first step in finding the best deal would be to check different websites and compare the rates for economy cars for a given location on a specified date. This way you will not miss out on any interesting deal offered by other service providers.
  • Include insurance cost: When you Rent Economy Cars in Dubai, you will also be pursued to buy insurance specially CDW (collision-and-damage waiver) insurance at the very least. This can add up to 25%-40% of the total cost of the rental. In many cases, the personal auto insurance policies and credit card companies include coverage for rental cars or else they provide the option to buy additional insurance. One should note that a basic CDW does not cover damage to personal property or personal injury. You need to know whether your own auto insurance policy or Credit Card Company provides coverage for rental cars. If they do so, you do not need to pay anything to the car rental service provider. And if you neither have personal auto insurance nor the rental insurance, you will be liable to pay for the entire value of the car or repair if an accident occurs.
  • Check for additional fees: Before you decide to Rent Economy Cars in Dubai, you should inquire about any additional fees like underage-driver fees where you need to pay additional charges if the person driving the car is below 25 years of age. Sometimes it includes additional charges for picking up a rental car at the airport, traveling over certain miles per day, and additional charges for more than one person driving the rented car.
  • Documentation of dents and scratches: Make sure to document dents, scratches, and problems if any, so that there is no liability on you when you return the car.  You should also check whether air conditioners, heating, and lighting are in a working condition.
  • Consider other features: You may need to add on some extra features like GPS or car seats for kids. Different car models have different options. You need to consider these factors when you Rent Economy Cars in Dubai but it would be better if you can arrange them yourself rather than renting it.
  • Consider the size: Car rental services have cars of various sizes ranging from compact to SUVs. You need to choose a car depending on the number of persons traveling, the place and the occasion.

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser  4Dr AWD SUV Gear shifter/center console Midnight Black Metallic

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser 4Dr AWD SUV
Gear shifter/center console
Midnight Black Metallic

Be knowledgeable

The process of renting a car may be full of hidden costs and surprising requirements, but if you have knowledge about rules and regulations you can avoid such circumstances and end up with the best deal.

Dubai On A Budget? No Problem

Coming to Dubai? Welcome from, the best place for economy car rentals Dubai.

Dubai is one of the most special places in the world to be. From high-rise buildings to man-made islands in the heart of the ocean, you will find anything and everything you have imagined in this mystical land. Dubai is not just a city, it is a place where imagination meets reality. An ice rink in the middle of the ocean? Yes, it is here in Dubai and there is nothing that will beat the experience you have in this splendid place. Just wish for something and you will find it already exists in Dubai? Isn’t it a dreamland?


Traveling in Dubai can become a headache for many visitors. There is no point in visiting Dubai if you don’t ride a car of your own on the mesmerizing desert roads and enjoy the landscape. Often, visitors get so lost in the beauty of this city, that going for a car rental becomes an expensive luxury. Don’t worry. As long as you have by your side, you will never have to worry about it.

We have the best and the widest selection of economy car rentals Dubai. Our cars are beautiful, top-class models that are always well-maintained by our staff. Our economy car rentals are not just ordinary cars in ordinary cities. You are in Dubai and that is why even your economy cars would be Lamborghinis, Audis, BMWs, Fords, and Honda sedans.

Yes! You are right. You will get the best of the cars that Dubai has to offer at very economical prices. There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy the luxury of Dubai. You can do it whenever you like and that too at the fraction of the cost that is originally charged for them.

We told you that Dubai is the city of dreams. Now you can enjoy the city in your favorite car and pay a small cost for it. The car is all yours. Drive it wherever you want and enjoy with your friends and family. It takes time to appreciate the beauty of various tourist attractions in Dubai. Having a car of your own will only double the fun. Isn’t this a great option? It is like living in your own city with your own car. There is truly nothing better than economy car rentals Dubai. Contact us today!